The increasing scale and complexity of wind energy technologies has necessitated that standards and certification bodies keep up to date with these changes. Driven principally through the international certification scheme (IECRE), and supported by type and project assurance capabilities of the certification companies, we are seeing a continual improvement in the scope and suitability of these standards. However, health and safety standards (Design, Construction and O&M) are still lagging behind the “best in class” when benchmarked against comparable industries and technologies.

Forge Risk are playing a lead role in the development of new standards and industry guidance, including IEC standard (PT 61400-30- Wind Turbines – Safety of the WTGs General principles for Design), which is expected to be published in 2020.

Areas in which we can assist clients include:

  • Design, Construction & O&M HSEQ risk assessment and risk mitigation
  • Regulatory & contractual compliance appraisals
  • Awareness training and facilitated technical & compliance workshops


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