Truly excellent organisations are those which “strive to satisfy their stakeholders by what they achieve, how they achieve it and what they are likely to achieve” (Source: EFQM & ORR). However, too many businesses default to compliance-driven and defensive risk management approaches. While seemingly compliant on paper, the lack of effective governance and leadership means that many organisations are under the false impression that their risk management processes are effective.

In contrast, the “best in class” businesses adopt the characteristics of High Reliability Organisations (HROs), which will invariably put themselves at a competitive advantage. Our experience in risk management, governance and business culture enables us to assist clients in the following areas:

  • Risk management maturity audits
  • Business risk and safety culture surveys
  • Leadership coaching and training


Safety in Marine Contracting: Developing high reliability projects in offshore wind

Two seemingly unconnected events reported this month (December 2016) provide a timely reminder of the risks involved working in offshore marine contracting. This article provides a commentary on some common themes and challenges facing offshore wind and the opportunities to be realised by adopting a more proactive approach in managing risk.