Forge Risk is  committed to ensure we protect the privacy and security of all personal information we hold. Check out our Privacy_Notice Issue 1_2018  that  sets out the basis of why and how we deal any personal information we may hold.


Our values

While there are always opportunities for “quick wins”, our experience has demonstrated the full range of benefits that are experienced by strong, enduring and successful organisations. These organisations have the flexibility and resilience to anticipate and respond effectively to the risks – opportunities and threats – impacting on their business.

At Forge Risk, we believe that:

  • The highest performing organisations are also the best at managing risk
  • Prevention is best achieved through enabling businesses to anticipate and mitigate future risks
  • Risks are opportunities to drive efficiencies, innovation and continual improvement
  • Policies and systems should be developed around the core competence of the business
  • Less is more – whereby simpler, proportionate and risk-based approaches should be the norm
  • Good businesses focus on how to make things right, not fixate on what can go wrong

Our commitment to “forging risk excellence” and our client care model is underpinned by our core values: Integrity, Excellence and Value.


Client care

To add real value to your organisation, we develop mutually beneficial partnerships with all our clients. While every instruction is unique, our client care model will always provide you with:

  1. A clear understanding your requirements: We take time to fully understand your needs and expectations.  This is about taking account of the context of your organisation, including the particular expectations (e.g. legal/contractual/operational) and deliverables required (e.g. strategic review/executive training/compliance audit/due diligence). 
  2. A “no strings” proposal: Every instruction will set out a transparent charging structure including applicable time lines and milestones for delivery.
  3. Quality assurance: We provide an absolute guarantee on the quality and professionalism of our work. We aim for and expect all clients to be 100% satisfied.
  4. Opportunities for feedback & review: Whatever the size or complexity of the instruction, we will always provide clients with the opportunity to discuss and review every project. This feedback is key to driving continual improvement with our client relationships as well as our own professional development.